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Job Figures Give Obama 'Head of Steam,' Says Reporter Who Once Saw Good Side of Job Loss

Shaila Dewan sees a "head of steam" for Obama in the latest 8.5% unemployment figure, enough "to cheer President Obama as he enters an election year." Does this mean Dewan will no longer ask, as ...

Year Before Truth Emerged, NYT Reports Vindicated Atlanta School Leader in Cheating Scandal

The Times, on top of the big stories. Lead sentence to its August 10, 2010 report vindicating the Atlanta school system: "The Atlanta public school system was substantially vindicated Monday when ...

NY Times Celebrates 'Euphoric Moment' for Gay Marriage in New York State, Cheerleads For Legalization

When it comes to gay issues, the Times tossing away journalism in favor of frothy anecdotes like Shaila Dewan's unjournalistic celebration of the possible legalization on the possible imminent ...

Reality Check: NYT Implies Fox to Blame for Sherrod, But White House Acted Before Story Ran

Sheryl Gay Stolberg: "The controversy illustrates the influence of right-wing Web sites like the one run by Andrew Breitbart, the blogger who initially posted the misleading and highly edited ...

She's No John Edwards: Times Quickly Airs Blogger's Claim of Affair With SC Gov. Candidate

Whatever happened to the Times' daintiness over sexual allegations involving Democrats like John Edwards? Shaila Dewan barely hedges when reporting claims of an affair between a candidate for ...

A Saturday Shocker: Space for Black Pro-Lifers

The Times gave front-page space to the black "abortion foes" and their "conspiracy theories" on a higher black abortion rate, but reporter Shaila Dewan deployed "scholars" (on the Planned ...

South Carolina Conservatives 'Catering to the Angry Fringe'?

South Carolina Rift Highlights Debate Over G.O.P.

"Obama Wins Troops' Cheers" in Iraq; Bush's Dramatic Visit Greeted Petulantly

Plus Mocking Conservative Governor's "Extreme" Frugality During a Recession

Mocking Gov. Mark Sanford for "Extreme" Frugality, Stimulus Rejection

The Times mocks conservative South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford for not taking federal stimulus money, and picks a strange time to start picking on "extreme" frugality.

The Times Answer to Recession Angst: "Weren't We Working Too Much, Anyway?"

Reporter Shaila Dewan plays liberal sociologist: "...this country of workaholics accustomed to unbridled consumption has generally chosen money over time...furloughs might also help answer larger ...
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