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'Suburgatory' Versus Purity

Not having a ball with purity balls.
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‘Broke Girls’ Show Redeeming Feature

On the hollowness of hooking up.
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‘Spring Breakers’ Features Disney Stars With Drugs and Threesomes

Hollywood targets young viewers with sex-filled film.
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Seventeen Mag to 12-Year-Olds: Threesomes Just ‘Edgy’

Magazine promotes sex and drug film ‘Spring Breakers’ to teen girls
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Liberal Websites Bash Steven Crowder for Not Having Pre-Marital Sex

Call his story the ‘stupidest Fox News column ever.’
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Wife of Jason Biggs Jokes about Child Rape; Defends Husband’s Misogynistic Tweets

No word from Nickelodeon about Teen Choice Award contender’s lewd, nasty tweets.
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Selling Sex and Candy?

Advertisers get creepy and icky in using sex and makeout sessions to sell candy and waffles.
Media Research Center Celebrates Androgynous Japanese Ad

Cheers ‘changing way gender is portrayed in advertising.’
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‘Ethical Sluts’: CNN Health Promotes Promiscuity, Demeans Monogamy

‘Safe sex’ the only stipulation for sexuality counselor Kerner.
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TLC Exploits ‘Honey Boo-Boo Child’; Gives 6-Year-Old Own Show

Program follows up on child beauty pageant winner “energy juice” to win contests, etc.
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