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ABC's Bianna Golodryga: Isn't It 'Kind of Sad' That Investors Are Shrugging Off Sequester?

After hyping a "fiscal emergency" that could "vaporize" America, the journalists at Good Morning America seemed slightly puzzled that daily life has continued. GMA anchor George Stephanopoulos on ...
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Howard Kurtz Ridicules Media Freak Out on Sequester

CNN's Howard Kurtz mocked the media – including his own network – on Sunday's Reliable Sources for uncritically channeling government hysteria over the sequester cuts. "[I]f the press had put in, ...
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CNN Catches Obama's Falsehood on Sequester; Networks Barely Report It

CNN's Dana Bash fact-checked President Obama's falsehood about the sequester on Friday, but the major networks didn't exactly follow CNN's lead in reporting his blatant distortion. In his ...
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Bozell: Media Are Obama's "Squawking Parrots"

ALEXANDRIA, VA – In spite of the dishonest, over-the-top fear-mongering perpetrated by the Obama Administration and its willing friends in the liberal media, the sky did not fall on Friday.
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After Hyping a 'Fiscal Emergency' That Could 'Cripple' and 'Vaporize' America, GMA Silent on Sequestration

For weeks, ABC has been hyping sequestration as a "fiscal emergency" that could "cripple" much of America and "vaporize" jobs. Yet, Monday's Good Morning America featured no stories on what the ...
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NBC's Lauer 'Surprised' By Lack of Public 'Outrage' Over Sequester; Urges GOP to Accept Tax Hikes

In an interview with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush on Monday's NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer couldn't understand why the American people didn't buy into the White House and media hype about ...
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Journalists Adopt Obama's Sequester Hysteria

In the days leading up to a puny $44 billion in budget "cuts" (actually, reductions in the rate of spending growth), liberal journalists echo Team Obama's fearmongering about the "draconian" cuts, ...
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CBS’s Schieffer Contends ‘Extreme’ Republicans ‘Holding Rest of Party Hostage’

“Do you all feel that your party is somehow being held hostage?” Bob Schieffer asked Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, presumably referring to those opposed to raising taxes. ...
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CNN Urges Obama: Just Force Congress to Stay Until Sequester Deal Is Struck

CNN's White House correspondent Jessica Yellin asked President Obama on Friday why he couldn't just force Congress to stick around until a deal is reached to prevent the sequester cuts. "To your ...
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ABC: Sequester 'Armageddon' Will Lead to 'Jobs Vaporizing' and 'Criminals Walking Free'

The hosts and reporters on Friday's Good Morning America hyped the "massive" sequester cuts as leading to near panic. Josh Elliott opened the show by hyperventilating, "Jobs vaporizing, flights ...
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