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ABC Slams Christine's O'Donnell's 'Cringe-Inducing' Debate Performance, Hits Her for 'Stumbling'

On Thursday's Good Morning America, reporter Claire Shipman knocked Christine O'Donnell for a "cringe-inducing" answer during a debate, Wednesday, but downplayed and ignored awkward moments from ...

George Stephanopoulos Highlights Tea Party Candidates 'Called Too Extreme,' Touts Attacks on Rubio

On Wednesday, Good Morning America co-anchor George Stephanopoulos hosted the Florida Senate debate and on Thursday morning highlighted the attacks against Republican Marco Rubio.

USA Today Frets Over the Possible Loss of (Democratic) Women in Congress

A headline in USA Today on Monday worried, "Elections are likely to trim number of women in Congress." It wasn't until the 15th paragraph of Susan Page's story that the numerous female Republican ...

CNN's Yellin Leans Against Fiorina, Labels Anti-Boxer Ad 'Mean'

On Monday's Rick's List, CNN's Jessica Yellin leaned against California Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina as she compared one of her ads against that of her opponent, Senator Barbara ...

Spinning for the 'Revived' Lisa Murkowski Candidacy on the Front Page

A thin front-page story spun hard for moderate Republican Lisa Murkowski's write-in campaign to retain her Alaska Senate seat: "So why do plenty of people here, from analysts to many rank-and-file ...

Bloomberg's Carlson Slams Christine O'Donnell as Brainless, But Gushed Over Primary Victories of Boxer and Feinstein in '92

In a zinger that roused the indignation of MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Bloomberg columnist Margaret Carlson cast Christine O'Donnell as Sarah Palin's protege ' but "with not a fully-functioning human ...

The New York Times Laments Disappearance of Moderate Republicans (Again, and Again)

The Times rehashes a lament that goes back at least 14 years: "The few remaining Republican centrists in the Senate were eagerly awaiting the arrival of Michael N. Castle of Delaware, a longtime ...

Hulse: GOP Senate of 'Accidental Senators,' 'Fire-Breathing Conservatives,' While Dems Are 'Notable Lawmakers'

Congressional reporter Carl Hulse puts his thumb on the partisan seesaw: He sees the possibility of "a cadre of fire-breathing conservatives" coming to power in the Senate in November, much like ...

Al Gore: 'The United States Government as a Whole Has Failed Us' on Global Warming

Former vice president, now climate alarmism activist, bemoans the inability of the Senate to pass cap-and-trade legislation.

AP Hits Republican Obstructionist Pinata for Rejected Senate Jobs Bill

Wire service notes Democratic leaders 'bent over backwards' for Republicans but barely mentions Republican reasoning for vote.
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