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NYT Editor Finds Kennedy's Flaw: He Helped Reagan Win Presidency

Appearing on MSNBC's New York Times Edition on Friday, the paper's 'Week in Review' editor, Sam Tanenhaus, lamented one of Ted Kennedy's flaws: "There's a further paradox to this, which is we ...

MSNBC Uses William F. Buckley to Bash Health Care Reform Opponents

On MSNBC Friday, anchor John Harwood spoke with New York Times Week in Review editor Sam Tanenhaus about the health care debate: " know an awful lot about the patron saint of modern ...

GOP Gone from "Lockstep Discipline" to "Inner Confusion"

The Times' alleged conservative, Week in Review editor Sam Tanenhaus, again denigrates the Republican Party.

Strange Days: Obama's Opposition to Gay Marriage a Good Thing?

Yes, apparently, as long as it keeps the GOP down, implies Week in Review editor Sam Tanenhaus: "But the admissions of extramarital adventures by two Republican stalwarts, Gov. Mark Sanford of ...

Alleged NYT Conservative Declares Conservatism Dead

Sam Tanenhaus, Week in Review editor and alleged conservative, declares "Conservatism Is Dead" on the cover of The New Republic.

Reagan More Out-of-Mainstream Than Obama

Book review editor Sam Tanenhaus, who was considered a conservative when he took the job, seems amazed that "Some 40 years later, there are conservatives who still inveigh against the perils of ...

GOP Must "Atone" for Conservative "Death Grip"

Repent, GOP, says Book Review Editor Sam Tanenhaus: "The G.O.P.'s embrace of the conservative movement is beginning, some say, to resemble a death grip. But there have been no signs of atonement ...

Daily Kos: Less Radical Than Early National Review?

"Today, of course, National Review is widely read as a journal of the Republican establishment. But in its infancy it was regarded as extreme - far more radical than the bloggers most influential ...
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