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Same-Sex Marriage

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CNN's Costello Pesters CPAC Chair About Inclusion of Gay Republicans

CNN's Carol Costello spent her entire interview Friday with the CPAC chairman badgering him about the inclusion of gay Republicans in the conference. "Will CPAC ever change its position and ...
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'Clinton News Network': CNN Promotes Clinton's 'Surprising' Pro-Gay Marriage Op-Ed

CNN couldn't stop talking about former President Clinton's op-ed on Friday. Every hour between 5 a.m. and 3 p.m. ET, the network touted Clinton asking the Supreme Court to overturn the Defense ...
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CNN's Legal Analyst Smacks Down CNN's Hype of Republicans Supporting Gay Marriage

CNN's own legal analyst scoffed at CNN's notion that 75 Republicans supporting legal gay marriage is a "big turning point" for the party. Anchor Ashleigh Banfield did her best to drum up the ...
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CNN's Lemon Insists Gun Rant 'Wasn't Advocacy,' Compares Gay Rights to Civil Rights

After calling for getting "guns and bullets and automatic weapons off the streets" after the Newtown shooting, CNN's Don Lemon insisted to the Dallas Voice that it "wasn't advocacy" and he was ...
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CNN Hammers Catholic Church to Change Teaching on Gay Marriage, Birth Control

On Monday night, CNN's Erin Burnett badgered the Catholic church to change its doctrine and accept birth control, gay marriage, and women priests. All day long on Monday, CNN asked if the church ...
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CNN Implies Boy Scout Ban 'Discriminatory,' Supporters 'On the Wrong Side of History'

CNN anchors dropped journalistic integrity and went into full attack mode against supporters of the ban on gay Boy Scouts on Wednesday morning. When the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins ...
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CNN Pushes Boy Scouts to Get With the Times, Allow Gay Scout Leaders

CNN's message to the Boy Scouts is this: "the world" is becoming more accepting of same-sex marriage, and the Scouts should get with the times by accepting openly gay leaders. Anchor Carol ...
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CNN Legal Analyst Compares Boy Scout 'Discrimination' to Interracial Marriage Ban

CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin compared the push for the Boy Scouts to accept gays to the struggle over interracial marriage and same-sex marriage. She slammed any ban on gay scouts, local or ...
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CNN Thanks Gay Rights Activist for His Work

CNN thinks the Super Bowl has become "a platform for the culture wars," but they are using that "platform" to support causes like gay marriage. The morning after the Super Bowl, CNN's ...
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CNN Religion Writer Praises 'Religious Pioneer' Obama

The producer of CNN's Belief Blog lauded President Obama as "exceptional" and a "religious pioneer" for supporting same-sex marriage and hosting his inaugural prayer service at National ...
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