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Olbermann Ignores Fmr 'Worst Person' Novak's Death, Once Suggested Will Go to Hell

Even though conservative columnist Robert Novak was talked about and attacked many times on MSNBC's Countdown show - especially as host Keith Olbermann frequently devoted time to the Valerie Plame ...

Baltimore Sun's Zurawik: Novak 'a Very Dark Force in Cable TV News'

Less than two hours after the news of Bob Novak's passing on Tuesday, Baltimore Sun television critic David Zurawik, a regular on CNN's Reliable Sources, excoriated Novak as "a very dark force in ...

TV Morning Shows Give Short Shrift to Novak's Passing

While ABC, CBS and NBC all ran obituaries during their August 18 evening news shows, ABC's Good Morning America and CBS's The Early Show on Wednesday completely skipped over the death of ...

MRC Friend Bob Novak Passes Away; A Look at His Insights About the Media

Sadly, news came Tuesday that Robert Novak passed away, at age 78, after a battle with brain cancer. Starting in 1994 Novak generously helped the MRC as a judge for our annual "Best Notable ...

LA Times Writer Whacks Columnist for 'Shivving' Sebelius Over Abortion

Media critic Tim Rutten attacks Robert Novak for using guilt by association against the Kansas governor, then plays the same card against Novak.

Plame-Gate: The Story the Times Would Now Rather Forget

A Times editorial from 2003 wanted to know "who violated federal law by giving the name of [Valerie Plame] to Mr. Novak for publication in his column." Now we know - but since it's not Rove or ...

Plame-Gate Bombs Out, But the Times Barely Notices

"Not with a bang..." So much for the Valerie Plame controversy.
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