Rick Santelli

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Santelli: On Obamacare, Climate Change, Media too Quick to Accept Facts are ‘Settled’

‘I don’t care how many people visit a website,’ CNBC contributor says.
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Santelli Recalls February 2009: Bailout ‘Dissension was Born,’ ‘I Blew a Gasket’

CNBC on-air editor still critical of bailouts, acknowledges rant that helped launch the Tea Party movement.
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Rant That Launched Tea Party – and 4 More Amazing Ones from World’s Top Ranter

On anniversary of ‘Rant Heard ‘round the World,’ some of what Santelli does best.
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Santelli: Five Years after His Rant Launched Tea Party

Obama and left lashed out at Santelli as ‘mad clown,’ ‘clueless’ and ‘out-of-touch,’ but he takes pride in role as grassroots catalyst.
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Santelli on Market Rally after Jobs Report: ‘What Are We, A Banana Republic?’

Stocks improve despite ‘lousy’ unemployment numbers.
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