CBS Gives Zero Coverage to NPR Scandal

Since an undercover sting video was released on Tuesday showing National Public Radio executive Ron Schiller calling conservatives "seriously racist people" ' for which he resigned ' CBS News has ...

Conveniently Murky Explanation of Truther Petition Signed By Van Jones

Why didn't the Times' front-page story by John Broder clearly state that Obama adviser Van Jones suggests President Bush knowingly allowed 9-11 to happen?

Dowd Passes Along Dubious Psych Diagnosis: Sarah Palin's "Pervasive Pattern of Grandiosity"

Maureen Dowd passed along an extremely dubious psychological anecdote about Sarah Palin from her former colleague, journalist Todd Purdum, who penned a hit piece on the Alaska governor for Vanity ...

NYT's Poster Child for Islamic Moderates Falls off the Poster

NYT May 4: "The principal, Debbie Almontaser...has been vilified on Web sites as having an 'Islamist agenda.'" NYT August 11: Almontaser "resigned under pressure after she was quoted defending ...


MEDIA CALLS FOR HASTERTS RESIGNATION ARE PREMATURE Hold Investigation, Gather the Facts, Draw Conclusions, Then Judge
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