NYTimes, a Journalistic Enterprise, Is Ambivalent About the Free Expression Rights of Others

Times journalist Somini Sengupta is ambivalent about that whole free expression thing, at least when it comes to other people's speech: "One of the challenges of the digital age, as the YouTube ...
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Islamic Exceptionalism

The Left is outraged at a YouTube video mocking Islam. This is the exact opposite of the way the so-called “progressive” elites usually toast the eviscerators of religion in Hollywood and ...
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NYT Cairo Reporter Apologizes for Free Speech: U.S 'Feels Limited...From Silencing Even the Most Noxious Religious Bigot'

Times journalist David Kirkpatrick makes free expression sound like a bad idea: "In a context where insults to religion are crimes and the state has tightly controlled almost all media, many ...
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CNN Asks If Anti-Islam Film Director Has Blood on His Hands

Terrorists murdered an American ambassador in cold blood, and yet CNN shamelessly implied on Thursday that the makers of an anti-Islam movie might have blood on their very hands. Do you and ...
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Piers Morgan Asks If Bible Should Be 'Evolutionary,' Like Constitution Being Amended

In a Tuesday interview with comedian Jeff Foxworthy, CNN's Piers Morgan presented the half-baked idea of treating the Bible as "evolutionary" and asked if being Christian "has become almost a ...
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CNN Rehashes Obama Spin to Whack Romney Ad as 'Ridiculous'

It's laughable when CNN's Erin Burnett claims to police "sandbox" politics when she covers for Obama like she did Thursday. Like her colleague Brooke Baldwin did earlier, she stood by the Obama ...
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NYT Puts Catholic Church on Defensive Again: 'Lightning Rod for Criticism'

Times religion reporter Laurie Goodstein coverage of a meeting of Roman Catholic bishops portrayed the church  on the defensive over its fight for religious freedom, as did the story's text ...
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CNN Asks If Catholic Church Is Being 'Dictatorial' With American Nuns

A day after asking if the Catholic church is waging a "war on women," CNN teed up liberal Sister Simone Campbell by asking if Rome is being "dictatorial" in its recent dealings with ...
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Another Border Run: New York Times Recycles Its 'Conservative Christians Break With GOP on Amnesty' Theme

Every couple of years the Times runs a story on "conservative" evangelicals who support looser immigration laws and amnesty. The latest comes from Trip Gabriel: "Some of the nation’s most ...
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The End of Religion? HuffPo Writer Claims Atheism Will Triumph by 2038

Cites economic advancement as death knell of religion, uses shoddy assumptions and data.
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