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NYTimes' Tavernise Pushes Heaping Helpings of Speech and Food Regulation in the Name of Better Health

Reporter Sabrina Tavernise went back for refills to bolster the nanny state: "But critics say efforts to influence behavior will have only a modest effect without policy measures like taxes on ...

Obama Backs EPA War on Coal, While Networks Ignore Harm to Industry

Major utility announces proposal to retire power plants, layoff workers and spend billions to comply with 'pending' regulations.

Bush's Deregulatory Agenda 'Gone Too Far,' Says a Times....News Story?

So even the Bush administration knew they had "gone too far" in deregulation? That's according to Times reporter Eric Lipton, who doesn't sound very fair and balanced here: "The push for some of ...


Big Medias Role In Covering And Promoting the Obesity Debate
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