Williams Highlights Complaints EU is Going Too Green with Light Bulb Ban, But...

There must have been a twitch in the universe on Wednesday as NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams ' who has a history of highlighting concerns of interest to the environmentalist left ' ...

Dear NY Times: Paul Krugman's Treason

Columnist's assertion about treasonous cap-and-trade opposition is wrong.

No Party Tag for Conyers' Wife; Just 20 Secs on 'Cap and Trade' Amidst 95% Jackson

Friday night's newscasts spent 95% of their time on Michael Jackson. Only ABC reported how Monica Conyers, a Detroit city councilwoman married to U.S. House Democrat John Conyers, pled guilty to ...

ABC Bashes U.S. Maternity Leave Policies: Again Links Them to Swaziland, Liberia

On Tuesday's Good Morning America, Diane Sawyer complained about America's maternity leave policies for women, and for the fourth time in slightly more than two years, the show connected them to ...

Santelli Excoriates Liesman for Acting Like Nixon, Saying 'Dumb Things'

CNBC Chicago Mercantile Floor reporter blasts network's chief economics reporter for rationalizing Fed intervention of BoA/Merrill Lynch deal and possible SEC violation.

Big Government in an Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny Bikini

The nanny state waxes huge.

Dear WSJ: Market is Risk Regulator

Systemic risks are small when the market is free, voluntary and open to competition.

Dear CBS Radio: It Isn't Voluntary When Threats are Involved

Dept. of Agriculture country-of-origin labeling wouldn't actually be a choice.

ABC: Cutting Food Costs Can Lead to Obesity

'World News' says receding economy can cause expanding waistlines.
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