Pulitzer Winner on Rush's NFL Bid: He Sees 'Visions of Plantation Grandeur Dancing in his Head'

Hunter College professor and author of 'Pimpology' uses challenged quote to make racist charge against Limbaugh; Says NFL should refuse him as owner.

Networks Ignore Democrat Defeat of Immigrant ID and Their Push for Coverage of Illegals

News media covered dust-up over Joe Wilson, but not recent developments that support his claim.

Timothy Egan Attacks Bush's Christian Supporters as "Ned Flanders Nation"

Liberal Times reporter turned blogger Timothy Egan describes Bush and his supporters in hostile terms and laments "race-baiters in the Republican party."

Racist Accusations: The Left Draws an Old Weapon on Conservative Opponents

Media uncritically repeated racism charges against protesters.

"Racially Tinged Attacks" Against Obama at Huge Washington Rally?

Pity our poor president. Jeff Zeleny and Jim Rutenberg began their front-page story: "President Obama has long suggested that he would like to move beyond race. The question now is whether the ...

NBC: 'Blunt' Carter 'Prompted Us to Reexamine Our Assumptions About Race'

An evening after trumpeting President Jimmy Carter's racism charge, NBC led Wednesday night with the "fallout" as Andrea Mitchell proposed that though "many thought" the "racial divisions" were ...

ABC: Obama Critics 'Driven By Refusal to Accept Black President'; NBC Trumpets Carter's Racism Charges

Tuesday night ABC and NBC joined efforts to undermine the tea parties by smearing them as racists. ABC framed a story around "Obama supporters are now saying" the opposition to him is "driven, in ...

Oppose Obama? Racist

Maureen Dowd imagines Rep. Joe Wilson shouting a derogatory word at Obama and uses her feverish imagination to slime all South Carolina Republicans as racists: "But, fair or not, what I heard was ...

CNN's Situation Room Charges: 'Racial Tinge to Tea Movement'

CNN's efforts to smear Obama critics as racist gained visibility on Monday's Situation Room when the usually more sensible Wolf Blitzer, with "RACIAL TINGE TO TEA MOVEMENT" as the on-screen ...

CNN's Lemon Praises Maher for Raising Anti-Obama Racism: 'Finally Someone's Talking About This'

Bill Maher is setting the news agenda for CNN. Literally. CNN anchor Don Lemon rued "town hallers yelling at lawmakers" and those "refusing to let kids hear the commander in chief. And on and on ...
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