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Pope Benedict XVI

Media Research Center

ABC: The 'Anyone But Catholics' Network

According to an analysis by the Media Research Center, the three broadcast networks are using the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI to advance their left-wing social agenda and attack the ...
Media Research Center

ABC Leads Pack Attacking Pope, Church

Step 1: Talk up scandal, erosion. Step 2: Hope new Pope will be a secular liberal.  
Media Research Center

BuzzFeed Mocks Pope Benedict XVI in ‘Gayest’ Photos

Talk about a media machine. Pope Benedict XVI announces his retirement and the press devour the information only to toss out stories dripping with Nazis connotations, sex abuse scandals, female ...
Media Research Center

HLN’s Kyra Phillips Presses for New Liberal Pope

New show pushes papacy to the left, once again.
Media Research Center

Razing Ratzinger: Media Won’t be Sad to See Benedict Go

From his election, liberal journos have had it in for ‘archconservative’ ‘Scrooge’ Pope.  
Media Research Center

NBC Recalls Pope Being 'God's Rottweiler'; Highlights Church Sex Abuse Scandal

On the day Pope Benedict XVI announced that he would be stepping down from the Papacy, NBC's Monday Today featured a report by correspondent Michelle Kosinski, who offered these highlights of the ...
Media Research Center

Washington Express Publishes Misleading Ad by Dissident Catholic Group

Ad takes Pope’s remarks out of context, claims ‘abstinence has a high failure rate.’
Media Research Center

'God's Rottweiler' Pope Benedict Delivers 'Stern...Homily'; Reign Marked By 'Sexual Abuse scandal...Vatican Heirarchy in Disarray'

On Good Friday, Times Rome bureau chief Rachel Donadio called Pope Benedict by his harsh nickname "God's Rottweiler" and brought up extraneous problems in the Church: " was one of the ...
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