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Pope Benedict XVI

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CNN: 'Climate Change Deniers Aren't Listening to Scientists...Not Reading the Bible'

Carol Costello and her two clerical guests slammed "climate change deniers" on Wednesday's CNN Newsroom. Costello pointed out a recent sarcastic tweet by Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak on the ...
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CBS Hypes Francis As 'One of the Most Progressive Popes in Modern Times'

Friday's CBS This Morning heralded how supposedly, "Pope Francis is already being described as one of the most progressive popes in modern times" after six months as Bishop of Rome. Charlie ...
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CBS Laments Pope's 'Religious Street Protest' is Anti-Obama, Pro-Putin

On Friday's CBS This Morning, Mark Phillips all but hinted that Pope Francis had "taken sides" with Russia's Vladimir Putin and against President Obama in the international debate over military ...
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HuffPo Hypes Condom Art Portrait of Benedict XVI

Portrait critiques Church, ‘promotes sexual diversity.’  
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NBC Touts 'Controversial Theories' About Pope's Resignation That Claim Scandal 'As Big As Watergate'

On Friday's NBC Today, fill-in co-host Lester Holt hyped unfounded speculation surrounding the abdication of Pope Benedict XVI: "More than a week after his resignation became official, there are ...
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Magazine Depicts Pope as Half-Naked Woman

Loaded magazine owner sneers that Church ‘held itself up to ridicule.’  
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NYT's Dowd Spreads Author's Gossip on Pope Benedict and His 'Remarkably Handsome' Male Secretary

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd is no fan of the Vatican; that's clear from her column on the front of the latest Sunday Review, "How Mary Feels About Being a Virgin." Dowd paid tribute to ...
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Bashing Benedict Cont.: Scandalous Coverage Of Pope’s Retirement Day

The totals are in, and its not good for the networks.
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New York Times Ushers Pope Benedict Out Under Clouds of 'Scandal and Intrigue'

Pope Benedict XVI served his final day as pontiff on Thursday, and the New York Times' Rome bureau chief Rachel Donadio sent him on his way from Vatican City under a dark cloud: "As Pope Departs, ...
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NBC: 'Knives Came Out' When Pope Announced Abdication, Church in 'Holy Mess'

Keeping up NBC's barrage of attacks against the Catholic Church in the days leading up to Pope Benedict XVI's abdication, on Wednesday's Today, correspondent Anne Thompson made this nasty ...
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