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ABC's Hosts Meet Pope Francis, Gush Over His 'Person of the Year' Award from Gay Magazine

Gushing journalists Josh Elliott and Robin Roberts met Pope Francis on Wednesday and thrilled over the fact that a gay magazine has made him "person of the year." The Good Morning America anchors ...
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Media Censor: Pope’s Real Message on Women in the Church

Francis ‘closed the door’ on women priests, but said women “more important” than priests.
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Media Overreact, Claims Pope ‘OK with Gays’

Pope’s comment, consistent with Church teaching, blown out of proportion by press.  
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NY Times' Bruni Mocked for Urging Pope to 'Dwell Less in the Bedroom, More in the Soup Kitchen'

James Taranto at the Wall Street Journal cracked on Times columnist Frank Bruni for urging the new pope to "dwell less in the bedroom, more in the soup kitchen." Last week Bruni guest-hosted the ...
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CBS, Lefty Sites Quick to Slam New Pope

Is Pope Catholic? To media chagrin, yes.
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NBC Whines About Vatican 'Secrecy' And Media 'Clamp Down'

In a report from the Vatican on Thursday's NBC Today, correspondent Keir Simmons fretted over Church officials limiting press access to cardinals as they prepare to elect the next Pope in ...
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Did The New Yorker Draw Dirty Pic of Pope?

Media blog points possibly offensive feature of cover cartoon.
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BuzzFeed Mocks Pope Benedict XVI in ‘Gayest’ Photos

Talk about a media machine. Pope Benedict XVI announces his retirement and the press devour the information only to toss out stories dripping with Nazis connotations, sex abuse scandals, female ...
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HLN’s Kyra Phillips Presses for New Liberal Pope

New show pushes papacy to the left, once again.

Holy Week: Media Worship Earth Day, Attack Easter

Broadcast networks rave about eco-holiday; use resurrection of Christ as excuse for assault on Catholic Church.
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