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CBS's Major Garrett Ballyhoos 'Adamant' Obama on 'Protecting...Middle-Income Earners'

On Thursday's CBS This Morning, new White House correspondent and former Fox News journalist Major Garrett bucked the "militantly non-partisan" label he gave himself over a year ago when he hyped ...
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Raging Over Failed Debate: “Obama Should Watch MSNBC!”

After Barack Obama loses his debate with Mitt Romney, the liberal media search for excuses: a racial double-standard, Romney's overwhelming number of "lies," and even Denver's high altitude. Chris ...
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Not a Parody: Politico Hypes Joe Biden as a 'Sex Symbol'

Politico edged ever closer towards total parody on Tuesday with a headline that seriously wondered, "Joe Biden: Sex symbol?" Senior Washington correspondent Jonathan Allen gushed, "Joe Biden’s ...
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CBS Plays Up Politico's Reporting on Apparent 'Turmoil' in Romney Campaign

Like their colleagues on NBC's Today show, Monday's CBS This Morning forwarded a recent Politico report about supposed "turmoil inside the Romney campaign," which was stuffed with unnamed sources. ...
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NBC Hypes 'Squabbling' in Romney Campaign: Is it an 'Ominous Sign'?

Pushing the narrative of Mitt Romney losing the presidential election on Monday's NBC Today, co-host Savannah Guthrie seized on an article in Politico that "details squabbling among Romney ...
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Politico's Simon Sees Racist 'Dog Whistle' in Anti-Obama Welfare Ad

Appearing as a panel member on Friday's Inside Washington on PBS, Politico's Roger Simon claimed to see racism in a campaign ad against President Obama which criticizes the President for granting ...
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Those Cheapened Pulitzer 'Prizes'

The Pulitzer judges are draining the prestige out of their awards by granting them to sources like The Huffington Post and a Seattle rag that has its own festival celebrating homemade porn.
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CNN Legal Analyst Admits: 'I'm Not Exactly Famous for My Hatred of the Obama Administration'

Did CNN's Jeffrey Toobin just hint at his liberal bias? Toobin told Politico "I'm not exactly famous for my hatred of the Obama administration," and added that "If you're [sic] read my books, ...
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Politico Reporter Smears: Limbaugh Is Like the 'Serial Murderer' With 'Bodies in the Trunk'

According to Joe Williams, the senior White House reporter for Politico, Rush Limbaugh is like the "serial murderer" who was caught with "three bodies in the trunk." The veteran journalist ...

Charlie Rose: Obama Campaign 'So Giddy That They Want to Run Naked'

Charlie Rose boosted a jaw-dropping line from Politico's Roger Simon on Friday's CBS This Morning, which concluded that the Republican presidential debates were hurting the party's chances at ...
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