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CNN Hypes Romney Tape as 'Monumental Gaffe,' 'Manna from Heaven for the Left'

CNN's Piers Morgan gave President Obama some free publicity Tuesday night while CNN kept the anti-Romney media firestorm raging. "I'm going to play a new Obama ad which basically sums up how ...
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CNN Hails 'Home Run Derby of Speeches' at DNC

The Democratic Convention produced a "home run derby of speeches," insisted CNN's John King early Friday morning on Piers Morgan Tonight. This came after CNN hailed Michelle Obama's DNC ...
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Paul Ryan Schools Piers Morgan: Obama Has 'Made Things Worse'

When CNN's Piers Morgan argued that President Obama needed time to fix the economy, Paul Ryan answered him on Wednesday that Obama slowed what should have been a quick recovery. "You have to ...
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CNN Lavishes Praise on 'Oratorical Genius' Bill Clinton

Piers Morgan couldn't contain himself on Wednesday night as he adulated President Clinton as an "oratorical genius" who is "right up there with Churchill, Kennedy, MLK, and Mandela." He added ...
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Piers Morgan Says Todd Akin Controversy Supports Narrative That GOP Is 'Anti-Women'

Piers Morgan said on Thursday that the Todd Akin controversy supports "the argument that the Republican Party is anti-women," playing into the Democratic playbook. "I suppose the problem is ...
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Chris Christie Whacks 'Silly' Media Reaction to RNC Speech

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie slapped down notions that his Tuesday RNC speech was a selfish play for a future presidential run, as CNN's Piers Morgan said he talked about himself much ...
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Michele Bachmann Tells Piers Morgan 'You're Reading Directly Off the Obama Talking Points'

When CNN's Piers Morgan brought up the Todd Akin controversy in his interview with Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), Bachmann lashed back that "you're reading directly off the Obama talking ...
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GOP Congressman Smacks Down Piers Morgan's Liberal Talking Points

CNN's Piers Morgan cast Paul Ryan's pro-life record on the "extreme" end of the GOP and brought up Todd Akin to emphasize the party's gender gap, but his Republican guest would have none of ...
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Piers Morgan Asks If Bible Should Be 'Evolutionary,' Like Constitution Being Amended

In a Tuesday interview with comedian Jeff Foxworthy, CNN's Piers Morgan presented the half-baked idea of treating the Bible as "evolutionary" and asked if being Christian "has become almost a ...
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CNN Ties 'Pretty Embarrassing' Akin Controversy to Romney Campaign

In the wake of the Todd Akin controversy, CNN has not only tied the negative fallout to the Romney campaign and the Republican Party, but has also turned a critical eye to the party's "very far ...
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