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Film Director on CNN: America 'More Racist' During Obama's Presidency; People 'Showing Their True Colors'

Lee Daniels, director and producer of the new film "The Butler," lashed out on Monday's Piers Morgan Live at Americans who are "angry that [Obama] is president" and who are "showing their true ...
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Rejecting Liberal Moderators = “Suppressing a Free Media”

MSNBC froths over RNC Chairman Reince Preibus' suggestion that debates among Republican presidential candidates shouldn't be moderated by news organizations with an obvious pro-Democratic bias, ...
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NewsBusters Catches Piers Morgan's Falsity, Gets Him to Apologize

The MRC's blog, NewsBusters, reported that during a debate on guns, CNN's Piers Morgan falsely claimed that according to FBI statistics, Virginia had the highest murder rate in the country in ...
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CNN Anchors Tire of 'Silly,' 'Stupid' Rodeo Clown Controversy

On Thursday afternoon CNN's Athena Jones called the Missouri rodeo clown controversy a "firestorm," but CNN's tone changed within a matter of hours. On Thursday night's Piers Morgan Live, ...
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What?! Piers Morgan Falsely Claims Virginia Had Highest Murder Rate In U.S. for 2009

Trying to refute his guest's argument that "more guns equal less crime," CNN's Piers Morgan fell flat on his face on his Tuesday night show. When guest A.W.R. Hawkins cited Virginia as an ...
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Piers Morgan Promotes Reza Aslan's Controversial Book on Jesus, Mocks Fox News

Author Reza Aslan falsely claimed that the Gospel of Mark contains no messianic claim by Jesus, but CNN's Piers Morgan asked him no tough questions and instead promoted his new book on Jesus ...
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CNN Tries to Rehabilitate Scandal-Tainted Eliot Spitzer (Again)

Eliot Spitzer, the former scandal-plagued Democratic New York governor, enjoyed a nice promotion from CNN's Piers Morgan as he runs for New York City comptroller. Morgan largely avoided ...
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MRC Study: CNN Handed Airwaves to Liberals After Supreme Court Decisions

CNN really showed its bias in reacting to two very different Supreme Court decisions this week. On Tuesday, the Court struck down a portion of the 1965 Voting Rights Act; in the hours that ...
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Piers Morgan Defends the Nanny State: 'People Need Nannying'

This is Jeff Zucker's CNN? Monday night's Piers Morgan Live featured Morgan defending the nanny state and calling for federal gun control. New CNN host Morgan Spurlock, appearing as a guest, ...
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Piers Morgan Asks Robert Zimmerman If He Regrets His Brother Carried a Gun With Him

On Piers Morgan's Tuesday night show, he hounded George Zimmerman's brother Robert, Jr. over George carrying a gun the night Trayvon Martin died. Morgan also pushed for an age 25-and-under gun ...
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