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Lefties Accuse Kirk Cameron of Hate Speech for Christian Beliefs

Hollywood and liberal media outraged by actor’s opinion on gay marriage.
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Piers Morgan Rudely Labels Michele Bachmann as Intolerant, 'Judgmental,' and 'Vociferous'

On his Monday night show, CNN's Piers Morgan branded Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) as "one of the most judgmental people in American politics." Bachmann shot back that he was being ...
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Bozell Letter to Piers Morgan of CNN: Coverage of Limbaugh Apology is a Double Standard

I am disturbed by your ongoing double standard when it comes to coverage of political rhetoric. On your show, you recently called Rush Limbaugh out for his insulting comment about a Georgetown ...
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Jan Brewer Smacks Down Piers Morgan: 'You Don't Know What I Was Saying' to Obama on the Tarmac

CNN's Piers Morgan told Gov. Jan Brewer (R-Ariz.) that she was "threatening all sorts of things" against President Obama when they had their controversial meeting on the airport tarmac in January. ...
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Bill Maher Slams America, Where 'Guns Are a Religion'

In light of Monday's deadly school shooting in Ohio, both CNN host Piers Morgan and liberal comedian Bill Maher embarked on a lengthy liberal screed against the current gun laws in America. ...
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Piers Morgan, Guest Comedian Lampoon GOP Field, 'Ship of Fools'

CNN host Piers Morgan joined comedian David Steinberg in mocking the Republican field on Monday night. On his prime time show, Morgan teed up Steinberg to rip the field as a "ship of fools." ...
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