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Steinhauer Isolates GOP's Conservative House Majority on NYT Front Page: 'Very Much Alone'

A hostile Steinhauer dramatizes the isolation of the conservative flank of the Republican Party: "After defiantly rejecting a Senate compromise to extend a payroll tax break and jobless pay, ...

CNN: Dems Acting Like 'Conservative Republicans' In Payroll Tax Debate

In its Monday afternoon coverage of the Congressional battle over extending the payroll tax cut, CNN repeatedly emphasized a Democratic advantage and claimed that the Democrats are acting like ...

Calmes Hails Dems Payroll Tax Tactic, Says GOP Opposition to Hikes on Rich Has Party in 'Political Bind'

Jackie Calmes once again, sees a triumphant Democratic Party and a vulnerable GOP: "Democrats have concluded from the payroll tax debate that Republicans are vulnerable over their opposition to ...
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