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The MRC@25: The Worst Media Bias of 2012

Today, the worst bias of 2012 (so far): Newsweek sees Barack Obama as “grotesquely underappreciated,” afflicted by critics who are simply “dumb;” Chief Justice John Roberts becomes a media ...
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NYT Columnists Gone Wild: Dowd Accused of Anti-Semitic Tropes, Kristof Says Netanyahu Interfering in US Election

Has Maureen Dowd's documented hatred of Paul Ryan finally pushed her over the edge? The New York Times columnist is accused by several pundits of employing anti-Semitic tropes in her latest ...
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"A Tall Order" to Expect Good Press for Barack Obama?

After a week of fawning press coverage of the Democratic convention and harsh attacks about Mitt Romney's supposed "greed and excess" and sneers that Paul Ryan played "fast and loose with the ...
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Krugman: 'You've Got to Be Kidding' if You Think Obama Should Have Fixed Economy by Now

James Taranto documented the shifting standards of economist turned partisan hack New York Times columnist Paul Krugman. When it comes to Republican presidents, four years is plenty of time to ...
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Trip Gabriel Makes Mountain Out of a Molehill Over Latest Dem Attack on Paul Ryan in NYTimes

New York Times campaign reporter Trip Gabriel lays out a rocky mountain trail for Paul Ryan: "But his assertion in a radio interview that he once ran 'a two-hour and 50-something' marathon, a ...
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Paul Ryan Schools Piers Morgan: Obama Has 'Made Things Worse'

When CNN's Piers Morgan argued that President Obama needed time to fix the economy, Paul Ryan answered him on Wednesday that Obama slowed what should have been a quick recovery. "You have to ...
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On CBS, Chuck Schumer Scolds the Media for Putting an 'Undeserved Halo' on Paul Ryan

On Tuesday's CBS This Morning, New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer preposterously alleged that the mainstream media have a conservative bias in favor of Republican vice presidential ...
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Biden's the Gaffe King, Not Ryan

Joe Biden can put Dan Quayle to shame in making mindless statements. He is a walking embarrassment to Barack Obama.
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Weisman Cheers on Prospects of Ryan-Bashing Democrats in Congress for New York Times

New York Times congressional correspondent Jonathan Weisman sounds as confident about Democratic chances as the Democrats he's covering: "One Republican political consultant working on House and ...
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NBC Falsely Claims Paul Ryan 'Played Fast and Loose With the Truth'

At the top of Tuesday's NBC Today, co-host Savannah Guthrie teased an upcoming interview with Paul Ryan by slamming the Republican vice presidential candidate: "Paul Ryan joins us to talk ...
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