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Paul Ryan

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NBC Grills Ryan on Romney's Qualifications; Invites Biden to Slam Romney on Same Topic

At the end of an interview with vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan on Tuesday's NBC Today, co-host Savannah Guthrie parroted Democratic attacks on Mitt Romney's foreign policy credentials: ...
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Mark Leibovich's Cover Profile of Paul Ryan for NYT Mag Steeped in His Typical Anti-Republican Hostility

Democrat-friendly Times reporter Mark Leibovich's long magazine cover story on vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan was steeped in hostility and cynicism he rarely shows in his profiles of ...
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NBC's Lauer: On Libya, Obama 'Pointedly Chastised' Romney for 'Politicizing a Tragedy'

On Wednesday's NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer played the part of Obama campaign stooge when he promoted the President deflecting Libya criticism by slamming Mitt Romney: "...[He] firmly and ...
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CBS Puts Ryan on Defensive, Goes Soft on Libya for Biden

While CBS This Morning hosts served Vice President Joe Biden softball questions on mostly horserace issues and debate optics, they challenged Paul Ryan to defend his voting record. "Does ...
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NBC Asks Biden About Obama 'Disqualifying' Romney; Asks Ryan if Obama 'Won Back Momentum'

Displaying a stunning double standard on Wednesday's NBC Today, co-host Savannah Guthrie gave Vice President Joe Biden plenty of room to applaud President Obama's debate performance, while ...
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George Stephanopoulos Fawns Over Joe Biden, Then Hits Paul Ryan With VP's Talking Points

George Stephanopoulos offered a classic case of liberal bias on Wednesday, fawning over Joe Biden and, just minutes later, grilling Paul Ryan with the Vice President's talking points. The Good ...
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NBC Unearths Major Scandal: Paul Ryan May Have Washed Dishes That Were Already Clean

In a pathetic attempt to smear Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan ahead of Tuesday's second presidential debate, NBC's Today seized on a story in Monday's Washington Post ...
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NYT's Stolberg Finds Abortion 'Vexing' for Romney-Ryan, But Biden's Planned Parenthood Flub Ignored

Reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg delivered a "Check Point" on Saturday on "just how vexing the abortion issue has become for Mitt Romney and his running mate." But what about Joe Biden's gaffe, ...
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Nets Punt on Biden's 'Planned Parenthood Cannot Perform Any Abortions' Gaffe; Played Up Romney 'Shift'

On Friday afternoon, Joe Biden lived up to his reputation for committing gaffes. At a rally in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Biden claimed Planned Parenthood "under law cannot perform any abortions." In ...
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NYT Found Ryan 'Misleading' on Medicare, But Its 15-Plus Fact Checkers Missed Biden's Libya Flub

The New York Times put a platoon of at least 15 reporters on the fact-check beat for Thursday night's vice-presidential debate, and they predictably found that Paul Ryan had been "misleading" ...
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