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CNN Hypes Family's 'Fear' of SCOTUS Striking Down ObamaCare

For the second day in a row, CNN appealed to emotion and aired the story of an innocent chid that made the case for ObamaCare. On Tuesday morning they featured a heartrending account of an ...
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WashPost Defends ObamaCare's Constitutionality; But In 1995, Paper Cautioned Congress to 'Demonstrate Some Modesty' On Commerce Clause

It was as predictable as the sun rising in the east, but today the Washington Post defended as constitutional ObamaCare's individual mandate. The mandate is defended by the administration ...
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CNN's Reversal: ObamaCare Goes from 8-1 Supreme Court Winner to Legal 'Train Wreck'

CNN's legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin dialed back his wild judicial predictions, Tuesday. The same man who only last week predicted an eight-to-one victory for Obamacare in the Supreme Court, now ...
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Maddow on 'Today': ObamaCare Decision Will Be 'Referendum' On 'Conservatively Politicized' Supreme Court

Appearing on Tuesday's NBC Today, left-wing MSNBC host Rachel Maddow spun the Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare as being a judgment of how partisan the high court has become: "...this may as ...
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CNN Educates Viewers on Benefits of ObamaCare

According to CNN host Carol Costello, the White House failed to sell a health care bill that could have been embraced by the American people, many of whom "simply don't understand" the bill. ...
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CNN Legal Analyst Whacks Conservative Case Against ObamaCare Mandate as 'Really Weak'

One week before the Supreme Court hears arguments on Obamacare, CNN's legal analyst has already come down against the conservative side as "really weak." Jeffrey Toobin gave the legal ...
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CBS: Internet 'Very Unfriendly' Due to Politics; Omits Liberals More Unfriendly

CBS This Morning on Tuesday highlighted a recent Pew Research poll that "says politics is now making the Internet very unfriendly....nine percent of social networking users say they've ...
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CBS Buries on Web Site Poll Finding 57% Against ObamaCare Mandate

Almost a month after touting on-air their poll finding that 61 percent of Catholics supposedly backed President Obama's controversial birth control mandate, CBS failed to mention their most recent ...
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So Much for Church-State Separation: White House Organizing 'Prayer Vigils' for Obama-Care, Says NYT

Times health reporter Robert Pear managed to identify the Tea Party Express as conservative, but found no liberals among major Obama-care supporters Families USA, the National Council of La Raza, ...
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