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Step Away from the Candy Dish

The paper's left-wing "Ethicist" columnist calls for a crackdown on candy jars in the office: "Snacking might be defended as a personal choice, but it's tough to stay cake-free amid a permanent ...

Columnist Thomas Friedman's Patriotic Flourish

Columnist Thomas Friedman, writing a mock Nobel Prize speech for Obama, urges the president to hail the U.S. military as "the world's most important peacekeepers."

Also Part of the "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy": The Masons?

Columnist Maureen Dowd reads Dan Browns' new novel "The Lost Symbol" and uncovers the real conspiracy as well as "a father-son struggle for global domination, as though we didn't get enough of ...

Gay-Friendly Protest Coverage in Sharp Contrast to Sour Treatment of 9-12 Rally

The Times hypes the gay rights rally with optimistic crowd estimates and a positive tone quite unlike the paper's sour coverage of the much larger conservative rally of September 12. But how many ...

NY Times Plays Photo Tricks to Condemn Chevron in Ecuador Dispute

Newspaper uses recent photo of state-run oil company's pollution to make it appear Chevron is at fault.

John McCain Being a "Dangerous" "Bomb-Thrower" Against Obama Care

Biased health reporter Katharine Seelye goes after Sen. John McCain on a podcast for being a "bit of a bomb-thrower" for pushing...a liberal idea on importing cheap drugs from Canada ...

Times Editor Mocks Conservative "Stalker" of Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers

Under the headline "Stalking William Ayers," the paper's online political editor Kate Phillips mocks a conservative blogger for asking early-70's violent radical Bill Ayers if he was Obama's ...

Main Economics Writer Says High Taxes Are Necessary for Modern Society

High taxes are a societal imperative, says the Times' economics conscience, David Leonhardt: "And taxes are supposed to rise as a country grows richer."

Thomas Friedman's Global Warming Fears Straight Out of Disaster Movie

Too many "The Day After Tomorrow" rentals on Netflix? Columnist Thomas Friedman warns: "We never know when the next emitted carbon molecule will tip over some ecosystem and trigger a nonlinear ...

Movie Critic Again Ponders a Marxist Uprising

Stephen Holden on why the left-wing guerilla filmmakers The Yes Men keep up the good fight: "I imagine they would argue that they are sowing the seeds of a populist revolt somewhere down the line. ...
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