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NBC Scare Tactics: Climate Change May Put Statue of Liberty Underwater

In yet another example of climate change fearmongering following Hurricane Sandy, on Monday's NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams hyped a fantasy illustration from the New York Times: " ...
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NBC's Williams Frets Over a 'Lop-Sided Fight' Between Israel and Gaza

Leading off Monday's NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams wrung his hands over Israel suffering fewer casualties than Gaza in the ongoing Mideast conflict: "It is a lop-sided fight right now, ...
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NBC: 'Genial' Obama Offers 'Olive Branch' to GOP While Republicans Attack

In a series of reports following President Obama's Wednesday afternoon press conference, NBC News repeatedly portrayed Obama as a magnanimous victor "reaching out" to his opponents, while ...
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NBC Uses Hurricane Sandy Aftermath to Promote Occupy Wall Street

In a transparent effort to yet again applaud the left-wing Occupy Wall Street movement on Tuesday's NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams introduced the broadcast's Making a Difference segment ...
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NBC's Todd: White House 'Insulated' from Petraeus Scandal, 'He's More of a Republican Guy'

In attempt to deflect the growing scandal surrounding former CIA director David Petreaus away from President Obama, on Tuesday's NBC Nightly News, chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd ...
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NBC: 'No Coincidence' Lincoln Film Debuts After Obama Re-Election

Eager to draw a comparison between Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln during a report for Saturday's NBC Nightly News, correspondent Kevin Tibbles observed of the new film about the nation's 16th ...
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NBC Works on 'Connecting the Dots' Between Sandy and Global Warming

In a report for Monday's NBC Nightly News, correspondent Anne Thompson seized on Hurricane Sandy to continue pushing the argument for man-made global warming: "Now some politicians are ...
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NBC: Romney 'Dealing With a New Controversy' After Mourdock Abortion Comments

Continuing to hype Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock's opposition to abortion as some kind of scandal for Mitt Romney, on Wednesday's NBC Nightly News, correspondent Peter Alexander ...
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NBC Claims Romney 'Taking Positions He Has Not Taken Before' on Foreign Policy

In a continued effort to tag Mitt Romney with a flip-flopper label, on Tuesday's NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams proclaimed that Romney's performance in the final presidential debate ...
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NBC: 'Under Assault' from Tea Party, Arlen Specter 'Bolted to the Democratic Party'

In an obituary for former Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter on Sunday's NBC Nightly News, correspondent Kelly O'Donnell summarized his shift in political allegiance this way: "Specter's views, ...
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