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Kantor 'Labored and Labored' to Make Her Jeremiah Wright Reporting Fair to Obama

Jodi Kantor, talking on Facebook about her new biography of the Obamas, reacts to a question on how Fox News and the Drudge Report were using her book "as a racial attack against the Obamas": ...

South Carolina, Home of Dark (Unsubstantiated) 'Undercurrents' of Politics

Welcome to South Carolina, "a place famous for surfacing the dark undercurrents of American politics," says campaign reporter Jim Rutenberg. But is there any evidence for his claims of a racially ...

Obama Appreciation, Tea Party Bashing on the Cover of the Sunday Book Review

Diversity, Times style: "Bipolar America," the cover feature for the Book Review, compiles reviews of three new books on Tea Party-related politics, one reviewed by veteran liberal journalist ...

'Right-Wing Blowhard' Bill O'Reilly Featured in Sunday Magazine Cover Story on Colbert

From the Times Sunday Magazine cover story profile of Comedy Central political parodist Stephen Colbert: "Though Colbert doesn't much resemble [Fox host Bill] O'Reilly physically, the persona has ...

Oh No: Former Klansman Was 'Appalled' by Rick Santorum's 'Insolence'

Mark Leibovich finds a late paragon of moral virtue, Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd, to condemn comments the "pgymy" "bully" Rick Santorum made as a senator.

Times Uses GOP Sniping to Label 'Greedy Titan' Mitt Romney

In New Hampshire, Times reporters Jeff Zeleny and Jim Rutenberg eagerly forward crude anti-business stereotypes of Mitt Romney as a "job-killing corporate villain" and "greedy titan."

'Ethicist' Columnist Chooses Infanticide Advocate to Comment on Dog Dilemma

Peter Singer: "The wrongness of killing a dog is nothing like the wrongness of killing a normal non-infant human being." Notice the exceptions Singer carves out.

Hard-Left PBS Vet Bill Moyers Returns, to Fulsome Praise from the Times

Reporter Elizabeth Jensen's fulsome tribute to lefty public TV sage Bill Moyers: "...much will carry over from the old program, including Mr. Moyers's thoughtful interviews with thinkers who ...

'Conservative Christians': Another Biased Labeling Eruption at the Times

Conservative label overload: "Many religious conservatives question Mr. Romney's bona fides on what to them are non-negotiable issues, like opposing abortion and same-sex marriage. Pointing to the ...

Ignoring History and CBO Gimmickry, Calmes Hits Romney Suggestion Obama-Care Will Cost Money

Jackie Calmes claims Mitt Romney was false to say repealing the Obama-care would save money, citing "nonpartisan fact checkers and analyses like those of the Congressional Budget Office." Has she ...
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