VFW: Woodstock Wasn't the Only Thing Happening 40 Years Ago

Veterans' organization honors the self-sacrificing instead of the self-indulgent.

Newsweek: 'Traditionalists Better Get Used to' Polyamory

Article further diminishes the ideal of traditional family by downplaying effects of open relationships.

Newsweek, ABC Cheer End of Recession, But Economists, Politicians Remain Divided

Even President Obama caught off guard by magazine claim.

Revolving Door from Journalism to Team Obama Now Up to a Dozen

With the revelation that Newsweek Washington bureau reporter Daren Briscoe will start a new job on Monday as Deputy Associate Director of Public Affairs for the Office of National Drug Control ...

CBS Discredits Steele and DeMint on ObamaCare as 'Harsh' and 'Incendiary,' Couric Hails Kennedy

For the second weekday in a row, Katie Couric teased the CBS Evening News by delivering President Obama's aggressive retorts to critics of his health plan as Chip Reid pitched in to help, ...

Nets Skip Chappaquiddick's 40th; NPR Gets 'Ugly' Mail for Even Blogging About It

ABC, CBS and NBC breathed not a word about Saturday's 40th anniversary of Chappaquiddick, but it wasn't a complete blackout. With Ted Kennedy on the cover of the July 27 Newsweek to push for ...

Unhappy 'Humpday'

Predictably, media love movie about straight men and gay sex.

Nets Plug Kennedy's 'Dramatic' and 'Emotional Pitch for Health Care Reform'

Newsweek engaged itself deeper in the battle for nationalized health by turning over its cover story - "We're Almost There" - to Senator Ted Kennedy for his recitation of "the cause of my life." ...

Notable Quotables Flashback: Ten Months of Media Scorn for Sarah Palin

In announcing that she was stepping down as Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin noted the unrelenting hostility of liberal media elites. In the barely ten months since she burst onto the national scene, ...

Are Black Female Reporters In The Tank for Michelle? 'Fabulously'

Washington Post media reporter Howard Kurtz reported Thursday on black females on the Michelle Obama beat, and whether their shared race and gender produces gauzier coverage. "Indeed, most write ...
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