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Chris Matthews Ignores Reality, Spins: 'Most Voters' Went Dem on Tuesday

According to Chris Matthews, Tuesday's off-year elections were a big win for liberalism. The MSNBC host proclaimed, "From Ohio to Mississippi, from Arizona to New Jersey to Maine and beyond, most ...

Ex Newsweek Editor: GOP Candidates Are 'Advertising Their Ignorance'

Former Newsweek editor Howard Fineman appeared on Wednesday's Hardball to mock Republican presidential candidates as simplistic. He exclaimed, "But, they're advertising their ignorance, is what ...
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YouTube? More Like LibTube

New channels sprinkled with outlandish liberal voices, devoid of conservative views.

While Recounting JFK Assassination, Chris Matthews Links 'Vicious' 'Right-Wing' 'Hate'

While hyping his new book on John F. Kennedy, Friday, Chris Matthews seemed to connect "vicious" "right-wing" "hate" to the assassination of the nation's 35th president. At no time in his Hardball ...

MSNBC's Bashir Mocks 'Chicken Hawk' Herman Cain, Despite Dept. Of Navy Service

MSNBC's Martin Bashir on Wednesday wondered if Herman Cain, who worked for the Department of the Navy during Vietnam, is a "chicken hawk" because he criticized the President's pull out of Iraq.

Cartoon Chris Matthews: GOP Wants to 'Get Rid' of Cops, 'Cause Cruel Pain'

MSNBC's Chris Matthews on Tuesday reiterated his cartoon view of the Republican Party as a political organization that wants to cause "cruel pain on people" and intends to "get rid" of cops and ...

MSNBC's Bashir Compares Rick Perry to Putin: They Both 'Shoot to Kill'

Liberal MSNBC anchor Martin Bashir on Monday compared Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry to former KGB agent Vladimir Putin, citing the fact that both supposedly love guns and "shoot to ...

NBC's Chuck Todd Uses Reported Qadhafi Death to Bash Bush on Iraq

Early on Thursday's The Daily Rundown on MSNBC, as news was breaking of the reported death of Libyan dictator Moammar Qadhafi, host Chuck Todd used the opportunity to declare: "...a trillion ...

Unhinged Chris Matthews Fumes: Gingrich Is 'Demonic,' Speaks With a 'Forked Tongue'

Chris Matthews despises many conservatives, but saves some of his most vitriolic comments for Newt Gingrich. On Wednesday's Hardball, he slammed the Republican presidential candidate as "demonic."

Will Other Journalists Follow Martin Bashir and Highlight Anti-Semitism at Wall Street Protests?

The reliably liberal Martin Bashir on Tuesday questioned anti-Semitism at the Occupy Wall Street protests, pushing artist/activist Russell Simmons to respond to bigoted signs and messages seen in ...
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