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MSNBC's Chuck Todd Attacks Those Who See 'Knee-jerk Liberal Media Bias'

MSNBC Political Director Chuck Todd and his First Read co-writers on Friday whined both about complaints against the "knee-jerk liberal media bias" and conservatives who are uncomfortable with ...

MSNBC Hosts: Inhofe's Obama Criticism Raises Risk of 'Crazy' Person 'Taking Out the President'

Ed Schultz, David Shuster use shows on cable network to attack the Oklahoma senator for criticizing Obama, suggesting he threatens their safety.

Williams Highlights Complaints EU is Going Too Green with Light Bulb Ban, But...

There must have been a twitch in the universe on Wednesday as NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams ' who has a history of highlighting concerns of interest to the environmentalist left ' ...

MSNBC Guest: Unwillingness to Have Obama in Classroom a Symptom of why Schoolchildren 'Are So Dumb Today'

Daily Voice editor Keith Boykin likens Obama classroom simulcast to the voice of 'common sense.'

Democratic Congresswoman Blames 'Global Warming' for California Wildfires

Rep. Linda Sanchez attributes new weather patterns to climate change and says the 'habitual wildfires' demonstrate a need to do something about it.

NYT Editor Finds Kennedy's Flaw: He Helped Reagan Win Presidency

Appearing on MSNBC's New York Times Edition on Friday, 'Week in Review' editor Sam Tanenhaus, author of a new book called "The Death of Conservatism," lamented one of Ted Kennedy's flaws: He ...

Olbermann Guest: Beck, Bachmann 'Trying to Get the President Killed'

Columnist Dan Savage blasts 'religious right,' accuses Fox News host and Minnesota congresswoman of 'heating' up rhetoric at 'peril' to country.

Gay Video Parody of Miley Cyrus: Disney Shrugs, MSNBC Applauds

Cyrus, Disney OK with Fire Island film; MSNBC says it shows 'growth' and smart business.

Newsweek's Jonathan Alter: Rush Limbaugh Is the 'Great Blowhard of Our Time'

Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter appeared on Friday's Hardball and slammed Rush Limbaugh as the "great blowhard of our time." Host Chris Matthews prompted the quote when he discussed how Limbaugh ...
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