Movie Critic Again Ponders a Marxist Uprising

Stephen Holden on why the left-wing guerilla filmmakers The Yes Men keep up the good fight: "I imagine they would argue that they are sowing the seeds of a populist revolt somewhere down the line. ...

Still Yearning for Kerry in 'Funny People' Movie

Some in Hollywood, it seems, just can't let go of past political hopes ' or at least want to use their films to continue pushing their political preferences. In Funny People, the new movie from ...

The Quiet War Movie

Critics rave about an Iraq war movie, even though it carries none of the usual preachy anti-war politicking.

Left-Wing Movie Critic Stephen Holden, Stuck on "Stupid"

Stephen Holden has a habit of embracing hysterical leftist mockumentaries like "The Age of Stupid," a "frightening jeremiad about the effects of climate change." For Holden, "frightening jeremiad" ...

New Movie Breaks Hollywood Mold on Iraq

'The Hurt Locker' allows audiences to draw their own conclusion about Iraq while remaining pro-soldier.

Plugging Euro-Style Health Care in the Movie Section

The paper's liberal chief movie critic plugs the French way of life.

"The Stoning of Soraya M" Is "Lurid Torture-Porn"

Liberal movie critic Stephen Holden doesn't like a movie about the horrible fate of a women in Iran: "Mr. Negahban's Ali, who resembles a younger, bearded Philip Roth, suggests an Islamic ...

More Publicity for Lefty Robert Greenwald's Latest Screed

The Times touts leftist filmmaker Robert Greenwald once again, in a story about his piece-by-piece documentary arguing for withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Entertainment Weekly Takes the Heat Out of Marriage

Magazine's sexiest movies ever list favors anything but the marital bed.

Mighty Maher Strikes Out

It is amazing that Maher thinks religion is the supreme hustle, not his lying movie.
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