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Moderate Montana Democrat Battling a 'Blood-Fest of Extremes,' Like the Tea Party

Kirk Johnson sees hope for "centrists" like Democratic Sen. Jon Tester in Montana: "But other factors, engrained into Montana's political history and geography, could also push the contest more ...

Times Inhales Free-Market Fumes in Defense of Medical Marijuana in Montana

Kirk Johnson's reporting is not known for its sympathy toward business or conservatives. But he made a fine free-market argument in support of a liberal priority in Montana - medical marijuana: ...

ABC Discovers Free Market Cure for Curbing Meth Abuse

'World News' praises billionaire who tackled Montana's drug problem with business sense.

Puzzling Correction Priorities at the Times

The Times gets tough: "The editors would not have published the article if they had been aware of these errors." And just what was this grievous offense?

Montana's Daily-Kos Democrat As A "Prairie Pragmatist"

Timothy Egan: "...the senator-elect from Montana truly is your grandfather's Democrat - a pro-gun, anti-big-business prairie pragmatist whose life is defined by the treeless patch of hard Montana ...
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