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MSNBC Talking Points: Touting Obama as a Pro-gun President, Lecturing Activists for 'Worrying' Too Much

MSNBC on Monday repeatedly promoted Barack Obama as a pro-Second Amendment President and chastised gun-rights activists for "worrying" so much over this issue. News Live host Monica Novotny talked ...

Time's Mark Halperin: Dem Loss in Mass. = Win For ObamaCare

In a bizarre twist of logic, on Monday's Morning Joe program on MSNBC, Time magazine's Mark Halperin argued that if Democrat Martha Coakley lost the race for the Massachusetts Senate, it would ...

MSNBC Hosts: Town Hall Protests Are Threat to Obama's Life

At the top of the 4:00PM ET hour on MSNBC Friday, fill-in co-anchor Monica Novotny issued a dire warning about protests at health care town hall meetings: "The town hall confrontations are turning ...
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