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Stephanopoulos Pushes Romney to ‘Show Some Distance’ from Conservatives; Does Hit Schumer on Maher Hypocrisy

Mitt Romney can’t close the deal with Republican primary voters because too many don’t trust that he’s a real conservative, but on Sunday’s This Week, host George Stephanopoulos pressured ...
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Chris Matthews Spews: Romney Crowds Are Like 'Androids' in 'North Korea'

Liberal Hardball host Chris Matthews, who has spent the last several days berating Rush Limbaugh for using inappropriate words, on Wednesday mocked the "featureless" young crowds at Mitt Romney's ...
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George Stephanopoulos to Dem Buddy Carville: 'Give Some Advice to Mitt Romney'

Who's the best person to give Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney advice? Why, longtime Democratic strategist James Carville, of course. Recapping the Super Tuesday primaries on ...
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CBS's Rose Claims Focus on Social Issues 'Troubling' for GOP, But Paul Ryan Sees Media Obsession

On Tuesday's CBS This Morning, Charlie Rose lobbed a series of questions from the left at Republican Congressman Paul Ryan. Rose wondered if the recent trend towards social issues in the ...
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New York Times Again Tries to Get Feds Interested in Probing GOP Fundraising It Doesn't Like

Times reporter Michael Luo (with Mike McIntire) again try to sic the federal government on Republican fundraising groups: "Sharing a consultant would seem to be an embodiment of coordination ...
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Liberal Panel on 'Today': Romney's 'Arrogance Without Empathy' Guarantees 'He Will Not Win'

A panel packed with liberal pundits on Tuesday's NBC Today concluded that Mitt Romney "cannot relate to average people" because he is "just an awkward human being" and "robot" who is "not ...
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ABC's Kerley Knocks Romney's 'Embarrassing,' 'Awkward' 'Missteps'

Good Morning America's David Kerley on Saturday parroted Democratic talking points, mocking Mitt Romney for "embarrassing missteps." Kerley openly wondered how the campaign could get things ...
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John Berman Lectures Republicans: 'Shift to the Right' Could Mean 'Hurting in the Middle'

ABC's John Berman on Friday chided the Republican presidential candidates for not talking about jobs enough, lecturing the GOP field that social issues could harm their chances of winning the ...
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Hypocritical NYT Columnist Tells Romney to "Stick That in Your Magic Underwear"

New York Times columnist Charles Blow critcized allegedly anti-gay Twitter posts by CNN commentator Roland Martin, claiming “Twitter claims another casualty.” Apparently Blow learned nothing. ...
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CNN Grills Santorum's Press Secretary, Gives Free Pass to Obama Aide

While she grilled Rick Santorum's press secretary over his debate performance, CNN host Soledad O'Brien asked an Obama aide nothing even approaching a critical question on Thursday's Starting ...
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