American Library Association Supports WikiLeaks Suspect Manning

Librarian group's backing is not just for gay propagandists any more.

Media Ignored How Failed Gay Relationship, Violent Outbursts Impacted Wikileaks 'Hero'

'Emotionally fragile' soldier accused of releasing documents had been recently spurned by homosexual lover

War on Terrorism = 'War of Fear' According to NBC's Richard Engel

Appearing on Sunday's Meet the Press, NBC's chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel worried about the cost of combating terrorism and took the opportunity to bash the effort: "You talk about ...

Times Sides With Vermont Lefties Against Lockheed Martin's 'Greenwashing'

Reporter Abby Goodnough sympathetically relays unfiltered anti-war, anti-corporate leftism from Burlington, Vermont over a clean energy proposal by Lockheed Martin. "'I'm deathly afraid of ...

Eliot Spitzer Creepily Exploits Military Family's Financial Troubles for Political Gain

Just hours before a last-minute deal was struck between Republicans and Democrats to prevent a government shutdown, CNN's Eliot Spitzer did some politicking of his own on Friday's In the Arena.

MSNBC's Brewer Denounces GOP Bill to Fund Military Paychecks

As the prospect of a government shutdown continued to make headlines on Thursday, MSNBC's Contessa Brewer accused Republicans of exploiting servicemen's paychecks for political gain, even though ...

Nets Concerned Over Congress' Role In Run-Up to Iraq, Now Barely Notice Obama's End-Run

The Obama administration attacked Libya after a vote of the UN Security Council, but without any congressional authorization, and apparently not even very much consultation with congressional ...

ABC's Prank News Show Hunts for Secret, Anti-Gay Bigotry in a NJ Diner

ABC's undercover news show, What Would You Do, on Friday continued to search for examples of bigotry across America. Anchor John Quinones narrated a segment featuring two men pretending to be gay ...

CBS: Gay Community 'Celebrated The End of An Era' With DADT Repeal

At the top of a report on CBS's Sunday Morning, correspondent Whit Johnson proclaimed: "In San Francisco yesterday, they celebrated the end of an era. After nearly two decades, the policy of ...

Times Embraces 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' Repeal As 'Historic'

Congressional reporter Carl Hulse embraces another liberal piece of legislation as "historic": "The vote marked a historic moment that some equated with the end of racial segregation in the military."
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