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NYT Provides More Pro-Union Coverage from Michigan; Union Protest Violence Ignored

Once again, New York Times reporter Monica Davey covered the successful bid by Michigan Republicans to pass "right to work" legislation, forbidding unions to coerce membership dues from workers, ...
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Networks Skip Union Violence in Michigan, Insist Protesters Are Simply 'Voicing Their Anger'

All three networks on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning ignored the violent assaults by union protesters in Michigan, instead vaguely insisting that activists were simply "voicing their anger" ...
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Only CBS AM Coverage of Michigan Is Stewart Mocking Term 'Right to Work'

On Wednesday, CBS This Morning shipwrecked its aim to be the hard news alternative to ABC's Good Morning American and NBC's Today. Its only coverage of the passage of the right-to-work law in ...
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MSNBC 'Journalists' Laugh and Sigh During Derisive Interview With Michigan Governor

Appearing on Wednesday's MSNBC Morning Joe, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder was greeted with childish behavior by the show's panel of left-wing pundits, who were unable to conceal their disgust ...
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Washington Post's Marcus: 'Unions Aren't Going to Survive When People Have a Choice'

Appearing on MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports on Tuesday, liberal Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus lashed out against passage of Michigan's right-to-work law: "Unions are reeling, and the ...
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Unhinged Chris Matthews Berates Conservative Guest 13 Times: 'Who's Paying Your Salary?'

An unhinged Chris Matthews on Tuesday berated a representative of Americans for Prosperity with the same question 13 times. Talking to Scott Hagerstrom, the Hardball anchor didn't seem to hear the ...
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Martin Bashir Ignores Violence By Union Protesters, Assails MI Governor's 'Crap Burger'

On a day when violent union protesters in Mighigan attacked those who would dare disagree with them, MSNBC stuck to liberal talking points. Anchor Martin Bashir on Tuesday ignored the assaults and ...
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CBS Hypes 'Thousands of Angry Protesters' Against Right-to-Work Bill; Slants 3 to 1 in Favor of Unions

Tuesday's CBS This Morning played up the union-led protests against a proposed right-to-work law in Michigan. Elaine Quijano claimed "the protests here in Michigan...[will] likely only get ...
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Another Sour NYTimes Story on Michigan's Right-to-Work Legislation Tilts Toward Losing Labor Side

Even as right-to-work legislation makes strides towards passage in labor-friendly Michigan, reporter Monica Davey focused on the losing, pro-union side from the start: "With Democratic furor ...
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New Michigan Law Is a 'Major Blow to Union Rights'; NBC, CBS Totally Ignore

In what ABC News deemed a "major blow to union rights," Michigan became the 24th right-to-work state on Thursday. Yet, NBC and CBS totally ignored this development. ABC allowed a scant 14 second ...
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