Fox News' Hume on Swine Flu Hysteria: 'This is Insane!'

Former 'Special Report' anchor blames slow news cycle for outbreak coverage; laments economic effects.

Times Reloads Bad Mexico Gun Numbers

The "90 percent" figure just won't die.

NYT Still Running Bad Gun Number

The Times again wrongly suggests that 90 percent of guns used by Mexican drug dealers come from the United States.

Egan Exploits Gun Massacres to Call for Gun Control

Liberal reporter turned blogger tries to use his Western street cred to argue for stricter gun control.

CNN Parrots Mexican Claims that U.S. Guns Fuel Drug Wars

It's another crusade for gun control. This time, for Mexico's benefit.

The Overly Mysterious "Muxes" of Mexico

Meet the Muxes, a mysterious "third category" of person with "special intellectual and artistic gifts"...or maybe just a bunch of transvestities in Mexico?

New York Times Bemoans Killer's Execution

In its zeal to oppose capital punishment, the Gray Lady suggests Texas should bow to 'international law.'

CBS Suggests Government Subsidies to Lower Gas Prices

'The Early Show' blames speculators for high prices again, and suggests countries like Venezuela 'doing a much better job.'

MRC Press Release - Bozell: TIME Must Apologize

NBC, ABC and CBS refuse to cover official report of dozens of Americans murdered and kidnapped in Mexico border towns; bloodshed routinely spilling over into the U.S.

U.S. Still Making Life Miserable for Illegals, Says Unidentified Hillary Pollster

One question from a pollster highlighted by the Times: "The anti-immigrant sentiment in the United States is making it more difficult to send money to my family." How, exactly?
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