Veteran Newsman Demands Media Become Even More Hostile to GOP Policies

John Boehner took the outrageous step - to liberals, anyway - of insisting that any increase in the federal debt limit be accompanied by spending cuts and budget reforms. Within hours of the ...

ABC's Stephanopoulos Highlights Obama Blaming Media for Muslim Myth

On Monday's Good Morning America, ABC's George Stephanopoulos played up how President Obama "blamed many in the media for perpetuating...myths" such as he was born outside the United States, isn't ...

Joe Scarborough Predicts 'Certain Networks' Will 'Maul' Haley Barbour If He Runs in 2012

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough strongly believes certain networks would play the race card against southern Republican Haley Barbour, if he runs for President in 2012. Scarborough predicted on Thursday's ...

Rick Sanchez Again Hints That Fox News is Not a Legitimate News Outlet

CNN's Rick Sanchez again hinted that Fox News wasn't a legitimate news organization during his Rick's List program on Monday. When colleague Ed Henry mentioned that several news outlets were ...

Obama Hates the Press and Journalists Can't Handle That Truth

Media thought all you need is love, but discover that doesnt work against unfriendly administration.
Media Research Center

Exhibit 2-23: 2010 Surveys Find Two-Thirds of Public Is “Angry” at the Media

A pair of Rasmussen Reports surveys in the spring of 2010 confirmed the public’s low estimation of the media’s fairness and ethics.

Sean Penn Blames Media for Failures in Haiti Recovery

Appearing on Monday's CBS Early Show, actor Sean Penn described ongoing relief efforts in Haiti following January's earthquake and condemned the media for its lack of coverage of the disaster ...

Obama Administration Closes In On Control of Media

FTC draft report includes five new possible taxes as ways to fund media and limit freedom of the press.

Obama Refuses to Answer Question of CBS Reporter After Signing 'Press Freedom Act'

On Monday, President Obama signed into law the "Press Freedom Act," but refused to answer a question from CBS White House correspondent Chip Reid at the conclusion of the signing ceremony. While ...

An Incurious Media or a Four-Leaf-Clover President

Obama is lucky journalists don't want to make him look bad.
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