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NYTimes Nods Along as 'Media Critic in Chief' Obama Excoriates Press for 'False Balance'

Amy Chozick on Barack Obama, media critic in chief: "But in his informal role as news media critic in chief, he developed a detailed critique of modern news coverage that he regularly ...
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Special Edition: Still Slobbering Over Barack Obama

Any other President with Barack Obama’s record — high unemployment, record deficits, and scandals such as Fast and Furious — would face withering scrutiny from the press. But since Obama was ...
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Ironic: New York Times Reporter Attacks 'Fox and Friends' for Partisan Slant

Ignoring the liberal slant of virtually every other media outlet, New York Times media reporter Jeremy Peters singled out the Fox News morning show Fox and Friends for partisan slant: "'Fox & ...
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Breaking Bias: CNN Slants Toward Obama After Amnesty Flip-Flop

In the hours immediately after the Obama administration announced it would not deport young illegal immigrants who met certain criteria, CNN invited on a parade of pro-Obama guests who applauded ...
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Television Critics Love Rachel Maddow, Cite Her ‘Outstanding Achievement in News and Information’

Last week, for the third year in a row, the Television Critics Association – which “represents more than 200 journalists writing about television for print and online outlets in the United ...
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NYT's Stelter Reports Media's Support for Gay Marriage, as His Paper Displays It

Is there only one correct stand to take on gay rights? Reporters Helene Cooper and Jeremy Peters confirm media admission that they are universally supportive of gay marriage: "Justice Lewis Powell ...
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Longtime Admirer Brian Williams Rewarded With Obama-Promoting 'Exclusive'

Of the three evening news anchors, by far the most admiring of Obama is NBC’s Brian Williams who has -- no big surprise -- been rewarded with exclusive access to the White House Situation Room for ...
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"Moderate" Mitt Romney Now a "Hard Right, Full Moon Conservative"

What a difference three months makes: During the primaries, the media cast Mitt Romney as the GOP's "moderate" voice of reason, but now that he's up against Barack Obama, he's a "hard right, ...
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Updated for 2012: The MRC's 'Media Bias 101'

The Media Research Center has just concluded an update of our “Media Bias 101” Web package, with more than 40 articles detailing scholarly research of the past 30 years showing the mostly ...
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Barbara Walters on Journalists: You 'Don't Know Whether We're Republicans or Democrats'

According to veteran journalist Barbara Walters on Monday, the American public doesn't know whether "most" reporters are "Republicans or Democrats." The unbelievable claim came during a View ...
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