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Times Watch Quotes of Note - Sentences She'd Like to Have Back, Massachusetts Edition

Plus: Read the desperate, denialist Democrat spin by Times columnists and reporters upon Scott Brown's shocking Mass. Victory, and learn why Rush is a particularly vile human being.

NY Times Manages to Spin Resurgent Conservative Movement as Problem for GOP in 2010

Two front-page New York Times stories suggest (hope?) the Tea Party movement may turn on the G.O.P.: "But the deeper intramural divisions are within the Republican Party, a sign of the intensity ...

Charles Blow Greets News of Mass. GOP Win: 'Welcome to the Mob'

Columnist Charles Blow has his usual thoughtful take on the Mass. Senate race won by Republican Scott Brown: "Welcome to the mob: an angry, wounded electorate, riled by recession, careening across ...

Race Over, Times Finally Lays Out Martha Coakley Gaffes It Ignored During Campaign

The Times points out four gaffes made by Democrat Martha Coakley during her losing campaign to Republican Scott Brown. So why didn't the Times mention them during the actual campaign?

Hulse Looks on the Democratic Bright Side: Mass. Loss May Be 'A Blessing In Disguise'

Congressional reporter Carl Hulse sees the bright side for the Democrats, who just might turn this crushing defeat into an eventual victory: "Amid the day's gloom, Democrats saw opportunity as ...

Floundering Gail Collins Find 'Bright Side,' Lame Excuses for GOP's Mass. Win

Don't blame Obama - all these Democratic losses are just about state issues: "The voters of Massachusetts were definitely angry about taxes, although the ones they seemed most ticked off about ...

Leibovich Finds Some Scott Brown Comments 'Curious' and 'Offending,' But None From Gaffe-Tastic Biden

The paper's political profile writer Mark Leibovichmaintains his usual pro-Democratic double standard: "[Scott Brown] strives for 'total discipline' but can be prone to curious public statements ...

Factcheck: Olbermann Repeats Incorrect Anti-Scott Brown Claims of Racism and Vulgarity

On Wednesday's Countdown show, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann defended his recent attacks on Massachusetts Republican Senator-elect Scott Brown by insisting that some of the incorrect claims he made ...

Bitter David Shuster Rants About Hitler Posters of Tea Partiers, 'Far-Right Elements'

MSNBC's David Shuster on Wednesday used the victory of Republican Scott Brown in Massachusetts as another opportunity to trash the tea party movement. Teasing an interview with one of the ...

Nagourney Admits Scott Brown 'Shocked and Arguably Humiliated' Obama, Dems

Political reporter Adam Nagourney (mostly) refrains from sugarcoating another Democratic loss.
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