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NBC, CBS, and ABC Highlight Sanford's GOP Label; Downplayed Label For Disgraced Dem

In the wake of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's admission to having an affair, evening and morning newscasts on NBC, CBS, and ABC all immediately identified him as a Republican. In contrast, ...

Former Clinton Aide Stephanopoulos: Dems Have a Harder Time Surviving Sex Scandals

Former Clinton operative George Stephanopoulos appeared on Thursday's Good Morning America to bizarrely assert that Democrats have a harder times surviving sex scandals than Republicans. While ...

Lauer Labels Sanford a Republican but Omits 'D' Next to McGreevey

NBC's Matt Lauer, at the top of Thursday's Today show, was careful to note the party affiliation of Mark Sanford as he announced "The political future of South Carolina's governor Mark Sanford, a ...

Capehart on MSNBC: GOP Now Must 'Skip a Generation and Wait for the Meghan McCains'

In the wake of the revelations about Mark Sanford, Washington Post editorial writer Jonathan Capehart declared on MSNBC: "Maybe what the Republican Party is going to have to do is skip a ...

"Obama Wins Troops' Cheers" in Iraq; Bush's Dramatic Visit Greeted Petulantly

Plus Mocking Conservative Governor's "Extreme" Frugality During a Recession
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