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"Hawkish" Liz Cheney "Taunting" Obama With "Cable-Ready Ferocity"

Like parents, like daughter: "Like her father, Ms. Cheney speaks in understated, almost academic cadences, head veering down into her notes. She also shares his willingness to pummel President ...

Ted Kennedy "Attended Mass Every Day in the Year After His Mother's Death"

Profile reporter Mark Leibovich goes on for three paragraphs about Kennedy's Catholicism without mentioning his flaunting of church teachings in his strong support of abortion: "In recent years, ...

"What Would Teddy Do?" Pushing Kennedy's Lifelong Goal of Government Health Care

Honor Sen. Ted Kennedy by passing big-government health "reform"? Mark Leibovich writes: "Some hold out hope that Mr. Kennedy can make a last-ditch appeal to his Republican friends - a kind of ...

VP Joe Biden Escapes Leibovich's Snark, But "Prince of Darkness" Cheney Didn't

Political personality reporter Mark Leibovich again butters up a Democrat, yet brings sarcasm to profiles of GOP VP Dick Cheney and other conservative Republicans.

GOP Senator Bunning "Bit of a Screwball," May Be Mentally Unfit

More classy commentary from reporter Mark Leibovich on controversial conservative Sen. Jim Bunning of Kentucky: "...Mr. Bunning has shown no sign of stepping aside and delivered a string of ...

NYT Frets Over Conservatives "Slurring" Obama with "Socialist" "Brickbat"

Mark Leibovich: "It seems that 'socialist' has supplanted 'liberal' as the go-to slur among much of a conservative world....Right-leaning bloggers and talk radio hosts are wearing out the ...

GOP More to Blame for Partisanship

Mark Leibovich's story on the history of Washington partisanship failed to mention the left's attacks on Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas, while hinting that Republicans might shoulder a bigger ...

Times Media Columnist Saw Journalistic Contempt for Palin at RNC

Mark Leibovich dismisses Republican arguments about liberal media bias as a campaign tactic, while media columnist David Carr takes them to heart.

Another Day, Another Republican Attacking "Obama's Patriotism"

The Times claims John McCain "initiated a series of attacks on Senator Barack Obama's patriotism..." - but again fails to back up the charge with a single example.

An Anti-Bush Sr. Urban Legend Lives On - "Overly Impressed" at Grocery Scanner

It's awful to spread myths about Barack Obama, but just fine to spread them about Bush Sr.? "Mr. McCain's sense of wonder evoked the episode in the early 1990s when George H. W. Bush became overly ...
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