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Barack Obama Compliments Softball Questions at News Conference: 'That's a Great Example'

One way to know if a journalist is asking a softball question is when the President of the United States compliments the reporter after he or she asks it. That happened twice on Tuesday as Barack ...
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After Editor's Lecture, New York Times Still Framing Benghazi Through Partisan Prism

Once again, the New York Times takes the national security scandal over Benghazi and tries to reduce it to a partisan Republican issue: "For months, House Republicans have been pressing Mr. ...
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New York Times' Obama-Fan Landler Strangely Sees President Using Bad Week as 'Rallying Cry'

White House reporter Mark Landler cynically uncovers an Obama comeback from the ashes of defeat: "The Boston bombings could allow Mr. Obama to achieve a different goal: moving the country’s ...
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Mark Landler Bids Adieu to Imaginary 'Era of Single-Minded Deficit-Cutting' in New York Times

There was an era of "single-minded deficit-cutting?" When? NYT's Mark Landler: "Mr. Obama also signaled, however, that the era of single-minded deficit-cutting should end. He noted that the ...
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NYTimes Skips Benghazi to Laud Hillary Clinton's 'Legacy' and Frequent Flier Miles While Secretary of State

Celebrating Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's "legacy" (but not Benghazi) on Sunday's front page: "As she leaves the State Department, the simplest yardstick for measuring Mrs. Clinton’s ...
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NYTimes Passionately Defends Obama Nominee, 'War Hero' Chuck Hagel Despite Anti-Gay Remark

The Times' defense of Obama nominee Chuck Hagel: "In efforts to spur liberals to oppose the nomination, Mr. Hagel's critics have also focused on a comment he made in the late 1990s, opposing a ...
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New York Times Says 'Role Model' Hillary Clinton Just Works Too Darn Hard: 'Herculean Work Habits'

New York Times reporter Mark Landler extolled Secretary of State Hillary Clinton the "role model," for her "indomitable stamina and "herculean work habits," but is concerned that the possible ...
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New York Times' Massacre Coverage Permeated With Calls for Gun Control

The New York Times wasted no time in politicizing Friday's massacre at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. Calls for legislation permeating the paper's weekend coverage of the ...
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New York Times Columnists Battle Over Susan Rice and Benghazi

Thomas Friedman dismissed the controversy over Susan Rice's false Benghazi statements as a "flap," but fellow Times columnist Maureen Dowd took them seriously: "Why did Rice say on ABC News’s ...
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On Front Page, NYT's Mark Landler Shields 'Stand-in...Bystander' Susan Rice From Benghazi Blame

So why did the Obama administration put her forward in the first place? On Sunday's front page Times reporter Mark Landler defends UN Ambassador Susan Rice, under fire for false statements on ...
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