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Lisa Myers

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NBC Buries Own Reporter To Hide Obama Lie

In a bombshell report for NBC, NBC News senior investigative correspondent Lisa Myers found buried in the 2010 Obamacare regulations language predicting, “A reasonable range for the ...
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NBC Admits Businesses Cutting Back Hours Due to ObamaCare

‘Nightly News’ and find businesses across U.S. trimming hours because of health insurance laws.
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NBC: NSA Leaks Show Private Contractors 'Don't Have A Sense of Patriotism'

While a series of Obama administration scandals have left many Americans questioning the trustworthiness of government officials and bureaucrats, NBC News decided to use the recent National ...
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NBC’s Myers Defends Obama on AP Scandal, Admits Press One of Obama’s 'Most Important Constituencies'

NBC News correspondent Lisa Myers admitted to the media’s infatuation with President Obama on Wednesday’s Morning Joe on MSNBC, claiming the recent scandals plaguing the administration have turned ...
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ABC's GMA, NBC's Today Fail to Report Susan Rice's Now-Disputed Claims About Libya Consulate Attack

ABC's Good Morning America hasn't once reported on U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice's claim on the September 16 edition of This Week that the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya ...
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NBC: 'Soiled' Komen Foundation Trying to 'Restore Faith' After Planned Parenthood 'Controversy'

On Thursday's NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams eagerly touted ongoing trouble for the nation's largest breast cancer charity: "...the controversy involving the Susan G. Komen Foundation ...
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A Week and a Half Late, NBC's Today Finally Discovers Govt. 'Spending Spree' in Vegas

Ten days after ABC and CBS's morning shows covered a growing scandal at Barack Obama's General Services Administration (GSA), NBC's Today show finally discovered the "lavish" example of government ...
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NBC: Most See Prosecution of John Edwards As 'Waste of Taxpayer Money'

Adding to past reports defending disgraced former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards against charges of violating campaign finance laws, on Thursday's NBC Today, correspondent Lisa ...
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NBC: 'Growing Demands' Komen Foundation 'Clean House' After 'Mistakes' Over Planned Parenthood

On Thursday's NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams touted the handiwork of Planned Parenthood's vicious attacks against the Susan G. Komen foundation: "The nation's largest breast cancer ...
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Rewriting Ronald Reagan

The Media Research Center has assembled a report documenting the “objective” national media’s most biased takes on President Reagan, his record and his times, including 22 video clips and ...
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