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Sunday Morning Miracle: CBS’s Face the Nation Leads with Benghazi ‘Cover-Up’

Proof Sunday morning that Republicans can use their power to hold House hearings to force media coverage of topics journalists have shown little interest in probing. CBS's Face the Nation led ...
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Networks Ignore Libya Whistleblower Who Asserts: We Know Who Perpetrated Benghazi

All three network newscasts on Monday and Tuesday ignored the shocking assertions made by a whistleblower who told Fox News that special forces could have responded to the 2012 terrorist attack on ...
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NBC, ABC Ignore a Blistering House Report Placing Blame for Benghazi on Obama, Clinton

NBC and ABC completely skipped a scathing new report that singles out Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for blame after the September 11 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya. CBS, in contrast, ...
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Benghazi Report Critical of Hillary Buried in Graf 17 of NY Times Story; Wash Post Runs Full Account

A Times storyabout a car-bombing in Libya buried an important new development in the Benghazi scandal: A report from House Republicans accused then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of ...
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CNN Incredulous Over GOP 'Fixation' on Benghazi, Opposition to Hagel

The same network that wondered if Sen. Rubio's sip of water was a "big deal" asked just why Republicans are "so fixated on Benghazi" when GOP senators pressed Defense Secretary nominee Chuck ...
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Cynthia McFadden Lectures Clinton on Running for President: Don't You Have an 'Obligation?

As if comparing Hillary Clinton to Thomas Jefferson wasn't hyperbolic enough, ABC's Cynthia McFadden on Wednesday practically begged the Secretary of State to run for president. The Nightline ...
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Bill O’Reilly Illustrates How Media Have Expanded Love for Obama to Hillary Clinton

“Is Hillary Clinton the new Barack Obama in the eyes of the national media?” Bill O’Reilly asked in his Friday night “Talking Points Memo,” using the same examples as highlighted in the ...
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CNN's O'Brien Accuses Senator Johnson of 'Playing Politics' in Daring to Question Hillary

Starting Point anchor Soledad O'Brien deflected scrutiny away from Clinton in her Thursday interview with Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.). O'Brien focused instead on remarks Johnson made on ...
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ABC's Martha Raddatz Extols 'Combative, Charming, Disarming' Hillary Clinton

ABC's Martha Raddatz on Thursday swooned over Hillary Clinton's Senate testimony on Benghazi, lauding the outgoing Secretary of State as "combative, charming, disarming and clearly ready for a ...
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Networks Swoon for Hillary’s ‘Indignation’ and ‘Tears,’ Champion ‘Riveting’ Testimony from ‘Political Pro’

ABC and NBC, and CBS to a lesser extent, on Wednesday night treated Secretary of State Clinton’s appearances before Senate and House committees not as an chance to explore Obama administration ...
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