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Author Advocates Letting ‘Mouth-breathing, Racist’ South Secede

‘We didn’t let the South go when we had the chance. We would have avoided a lot of problems.’
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CNN Anchor Tells Bill Nye He's Losing to Conservatives 'Politicizing' the Climate

CNN's Carol Costello told guest Bill Nye "The Science Guy" on Monday that climate change skeptics are "politicizing this issue" and "winning." Of course, the two did not admit to the ...
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Sudden Respect for John Roberts: 'The Man of the Hour' Who 'Might Have Saved' the Supreme Court

Chief Justice John Roberts may have angered conservatives with his decisive vote in favor of ObamaCare, but he was, in CBS anchor Scott Pelley’s words, the “man of the hour” on all three network ...
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Not Biased? CNN Has Obama Donor Bill Maher Guest Host for Piers Morgan

The next time CNN denies having any liberal bias, it will have to explain having liberal Obama donor Bill Maher guest-hosting on Friday night during prime-time. Not only is Maher an avowed ...
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CNN Promotes Liberal Nun's Fight Against Vatican, Hosts No Guest from Other Side

The liberal host of the public radio show "Interfaith Voices," Sister Maureen Fiedler has cheered for the Occupy protests, railed against the Ryan budget, advocated for single-payer healthcare, ...
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CNN Puffs Up Tiny Liberal Protest 'Hounding' Romney's Visit to RNC Headquarters

A liberal protest that said contained "about 10 people" still merited inclusion in CNN correspondent Jim Acosta's report on Wednesday's The Situation Room. Of course, Acosta made no ...
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CNN Hosts Debbie Wasserman Schultz, But Host Soledad O'Brien Tosses Softballs

Hosting the chair of the DNC on Tuesday's Starting Point, CNN's Soledad O'Brien could have grilled her about any number of relevant issues like gas prices, the GSA scandal, or President Obama ...
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CNN Plays Up Democratic Protests Over Congressional Hearing on Birth Control

Liberal women were in an uproar over the all-male panel at Thursday's congressional hearing on the HHS birth control mandate, and CNN made sure to tout their displeasure. Anchor Hala Gorani ...
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Wolf Blitzer Pulls Quote from Liberal Political Activist to Grill Santorum

Pressing Rick Santorum on his opposition to women serving in combat, CNN's Wolf Blitzer quoted a liberal veteran who harshly criticized Santorum's policy. Blitzer did not identify the veteran ...

MSNBC's Chris Matthews Insists He Tries to Examine American Politics 'Objectively'

"There's a real level of national hatred of the president that I hadn't seen before. Certainly not under Clinton or under Dubya," MSNBC Hardball host Chris Matthews insisted on WMAL radio's ...
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