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NBC's Today Frets: Will Democrats Lose 'Ted Kennedy's Seat?'

With Massachusetts State Senator Scott Brown surging in the polls, NBC's Today show, on Friday, assigned Kelly O'Donnell to highlight the race for the open Senate seat in Massachusetts pitting ...

ABC's Sawyer Touts Robert Byrd's Dedication to 'Health Care Champion' Kennedy

On Thursday's World News, ABC anchor Diane Sawyer took the time to devote an entire story to 92-year-old Democratic Senator Robert Byrd's health bill vote, which he dedicated to the late Ted ...

Chris Matthews Show Panel Agrees GOP 'Hurt' By Opposition to Obamacare

Well the verdict is in and it looks like the GOP has been severely damaged by its opposition to Obamacare, well at least that was the conclusion of all the liberal members of The Chris Matthews ...

Network Echo Chamber: Appalled by Ugly 'Shout Heard 'Round the World'

Media minds think alike. ABC: "It was the shout heard 'round the world." CBS: "It was the shout heard 'round the world." NBC, slightly creative: "The outburst heard 'round the world" and the ...

NBC Exploits Kennedy to Push ObamaCare: 'National Sorrow Has Created Political Momentum Before'

Proffering "national sorrow has created political momentum before," Wednesday's NBC Nightly News devoted a story to hope Ted Kennedy's passing will propel ObamaCare to victory. Brian Williams ...

Will Nets Note Sheehan's Anti-Obama Protest?

Media Embraced Cindy Sheehan's Anti-Bush Push in 2005; ABC Anchor Now Says: "Enough Already"

Nets Disparage Protests: Getting 'Ugly' and 'Unruly,' Scold Limbaugh But Skip Pelosi

The ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts in near-unison on Friday night disparaged the anti-ObamaCare protests at town meetings as "unruly," "nasty" and "getting ugly," while CBS and NBC targeted ...

CBS Spins Setback for Obama on Health Into 'Warning from the President'

A night after CBS and NBC skipped the assessment from the CBO chief that the Senate and House health plans won't meet President Obama's pledge to not increase deficit spending, the two networks ...

ABC, NBC Repeat Anonymous Rumors Discrediting Palin

No acknowledgement that McCain campaign staffers may be scrambling to hang the blame for his defeat on the vice-presidential nominee.

McCain Adviser: Treasury Doesn't Need Congress for Bailout

Holtz-Eakin claims law already allows for $700 billion bailout without congressional authority; CNBC's Burnett disputes claim.
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