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Terry Moran Lashes Out at 'Paranoid,' 'Orwellian' Fears of Gun Owners

Nightline co-anchor Terry Moran on Sunday lashed out at the "paranoid," Orwellian theories of gun owners who fear what Barack Obama will do to the Second Amendment. Moran appeared with Republican ...
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MSNBC, Which Mocked Karl Rove for Signing Up With 'Home Team' Fox, to Now Feature David Axelrod

In 2008, a then-MSNBC host mocked Republican Karl Rove for signing up with the "home team" of Fox News. Yet, on Tuesday it was announced that Democratic senior adviser David Axelrod will be ...
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Karl Rove vs. the "Far Right"

The New York Times announces Rove is for "conservative victory"? This isn’t even attempted by those who were never conservatives to begin with.
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Letterman: 'Tubby Little Weasel' Karl Rove 'Tried to Frighten' Voters

As NBC anchor Brian Williams appeared as a guest on Wednesday's The Late Show on CBS, host David Letterman charged that Republican political strategist Karl Rove "lied to" and tried to "frighten" ...
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Why Has America Rejected Obama-care? NYT Blames Karl Rove Ads, Conservative Commentators

Why have Americans overwhelmingly rejected Obama-care? Times reporter Abby Goodnough blames Karl Rove and Fox News, hints that Obama-care supporters have the facts on their side: "That success ...

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