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GOP Senator Educates CNN Host: 'Your Job Is Not to Convince Me'

When CNN's Carol Costello admitted to Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) her inability to convince him that Republicans on the super committee didn't raise enough tax revenue, he simply responded that "your ...

NBC's Gregory to Kyl: 'Real Deficit Hawk Republicans' Want Tax Hikes

While grilling Arizona Senator Jon Kyl on NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday, host David Gregory tried to bolster the argument for tax increases: "The Bush tax cuts...real deficit hawks, many of them ...

More Unfair Pear: New GOPers on Super Committee 'Among the Most Conservative'

While Robert Pear found Nancy Pelosi and Henry Waxman were "influential Democrats" and not "liberal," several new Republican members of the budget-limiting super committee are tagged as "among the ...

Kyl Repeatedly Corrects Schieffer: No Tax 'Cuts' for Rich, Just Extending Existing Rates; Schieffer: 'I Gotcha'

On Sunday's Face the Nation, Republican Senate whip Jon Kyl kept correcting host Bob Schieffer about how extending tax "rates," not "cuts," is what is being debated, leading Schieffer to conceded ...

It's Not an Auto Bailout, It's a Union Payoff

Democratic leaders, media push for more cash to help liberal voting bloc.
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