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Jon Stewart

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Jon Stewart: Wimpy White House Won’t ID Islam in Charlie Hebdo Shootings

Liberal comedian mocks the ‘Impotence of Being Earnest.’
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Stewart Bashes Police, Praises Rams for ‘Social Awareness’ Gesture

No nuance in Stewart’s analysis of the player’s protest.
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Judge Napolitano Calls out Stewart’s Hypocrisy on ‘Daily Show’

Lefty host doesn't get away with this one.
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'Daily Show' Notices Gruber Scandal Before 'NBC Nightly News'

While NBC Nightly News has failed to mention Jonathan Gruber's scandalous comments about ObamaCare for eleven days, Comedy Central's fake newsman Jon Stewart devoted eight minutes to the ...
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Stewart Calls Out Pelosi on Hypocrisy: ‘Just as Politically Craven as Male Counterparts’

The liberal talk host doesn’t buy ‘precedent’ excuse over Duckworth vote.
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Misery Loves Company: Jon Stewart Hosts Wendy Davis

Suggests a Texas ‘Planned Parenthood food truck;’ ’Get a Taco and a Pap Smear.’
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Jon Stewart Throttles Democrats for Hypocrisy on Campaign Spending

In a departure from his usual focus on ridiculing conservatives, Jon Stewart attacked top liberals/Democrats on Monday's Daily Show for their blatant hypocrisy on the influence of money in ...
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Cancel the Unethical 'Daily Show'

It claims to be a “fake news” show that satirizes what’s wrong with news. It could be that – but it isn’t. It is everything that is wrong about today’s snarky liberal media elite.
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Jon Stewart and Anti-Semitism

Mark Levin was right to call Jon Stewart a "clown" and his satirical bashing of Israel in the Gaza war "putrid."
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